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Item£º X-ray Unit PZ2509

Model Number£º PZ2509
Feature£º Portable
    1) 220V power supply voltage of plus or minus 10% of Pathology
    2) rated 60W
    Mainframe exterior size 280 * 200 * 80MM
    Ball-2009140 * Spiral (excluding Canada longituba)
    Weight 2.2kg mainframe
    Ball pounds
    Temperature 5-40 degrees
    Relative Humidity <80%
    Exposure time 0.2-0.5S
    Set-up time of 0.1-9.9S
    The use of brochures
    Here introduced to a simple X-ray of history and historical development. To everyone on the X-ray machine and a deeper understanding, but also conducive to daily use. The maintenance and protection.
    On November 8, 1895, German physicist, 50-year-old Rontgen in their own laboratories already working on a study of Electricity. In his laboratory near the cathode ray tube comes in a sealed packet and the paper, without photographic images of the film. The next day, he found the negatives have missed the light. He will seize the chance to discover that a serious analysis together. The results he found on his desk with a painted platinum isocyanate Barium of paper, found the shimmering phosphorescence. As long as the use of strong light irradiation platinum isocyanate barium, it will launch phosphorescent material. He put a book on the screen between the vacuum tube, connected to power, then vacuum tube screens also issued a flashlight. He also repeated the experiment, test different objects, the results proved rays can penetrate many types of objects. On December 28, 1895, Rosat Bougainville meeting in Germany at the University made an X-ray of academic report soon shocked the entire world. To congratulate the major Roentgen discovered, it was suggested that this ray named "X-ray", but Rontgen said : "I have not been thoroughly explained, this ray of occurrence, or is it as the most appropriate X-ray."
    HF frequency machine and machine distinction.
    HF machine is the high voltage generator frequency greater than 20kHz X-ray machine, the machine is frequent high-voltage generator of less than 400Hz frequency of the X-ray machine. Frequency - to-frequency of 50Hz power supply or high voltage rectifier after 100Hz sinusoidal ripple, the filter will still be 10% above the ripple, high-frequency high-frequency, high voltage rectifier after the voltage is basically constant DC, the ripple can be less than 0.1%. The high voltage corresponding to the different energy electron beam, resulting in different wavelengths of X-ray, X-ray spectroscopy more single, the less scattering, imaging more clear. Frequency Spectrum complex machine Cup, the same time the frequency characteristics of the X-ray less, stray rays, imaging fuzzy. HF-Cup spectroscopy simpler, less stray rays, imaging clear, than the opportunity to reduce the frequency over 50% of the total volume Cup. Since the 1990s the import of X-ray machines are high-frequency machine, which is the direction of development.
    Now we have a different perspective to talk about the frequency X-ray machine and the (high) frequency X-ray machine the difference between.
    1.One of the exposure time control of the accuracy of frequency X-ray machine accuracy of the exposure control under Rectifier varies considerably. (High) frequency X-ray generator using the preset voltage feedback regulation of methods to control high accuracy. So, we can greatly reduce X-ray photon beam of soft-ray components, reduce patient dose of radiation exposure increase repeatability, thereby improving the quality of X-ray photos. Secondly, it also raises the X-ray tube output efficiency.
    2, simple structure as a result of high-frequency X-ray generator kV and mA value to a purely electronic means respectively Preferences, feedback regulation, no mechanical knobs and switches, eliminating the compensation kV circuit and space charge compensation circuit;
    Three, because without mechanical contact and knobs, not just fast response, high precision output parameters, but also during the exposure to kV and mA adjustment
    4, due to the energy storage components, the power supply requirements greatly reduce, or even direct use DC power supply (large-frequency X-ray inspection equipment often requires green electricity);
    5, due to high frequency, according to equation transformers, high voltage transformer can make significant reductions in size and power to facilitate (large capacity) X-ray generator of small or micro;
    6, due to the small size of transformers not only save costs, but also to reduce the high voltage generator consumption of copper and iron consumption.
    As the single-phase-frequency X-ray generator Harness the presence of X-ray components, absorbed dose patients, the quality of the photographs will not be easily protected, Europe and the United States and other developed countries have prohibited the production. While three-phase 12-frequency X-ray pulse generator are bulky, complex structures, and the power supply requirements and output parameters control precision low, low defect degree of automation, not internationally renowned manufacturers such reproduction of the X-ray generator.
    V. above. Proof X-ray machine is only a high frequency electromagnetic waves, and not the legend so frightening, our daily phone call is radiation. X-ray machine is also radiation. But small high frequency of dental X-ray machine only produces exposure seconds. In the following technical parameters within we can clearly see that my company's product range of X-ray attenuation.
    A distance. 2 m and 24 degree angle on the thought that no ray detection. Figure
    Ray is in a context of the volume ray on the base is diminishing.
    X-ray imaging principles issued after a human different organizations will have different X-ray attenuation, attenuation of this last gray levels is not the same ray photosensitive materials (films teeth), we need to form a black-and-white images. After after developing and fixing, what we need out of the photo studio films like the teeth for our daily inspection, diagnosis, treatment done reference.
    B use
    1) Open after inspection machinery intact appearance, packaging crashed there is overcome.
    2) after the box with packing lists inventory accessories.
    3) plugged good host and the first part of the ball eight core plug, and Turn nut.
    4) The above intact, stuck GB Power plugs, sockets require a solid grounding.
    5) Open the power switch. At this time, the mainframe digital tube indicate that the time for filming, can set the reset button by the time required. (If you do not need to re-set, directly proceed to the next stage) the methods of operation are as follows :
    Set keys pressed, bright lights installed. According or-keys, the time needed for adjustment.
    Instructions for 1-9 seconds scope adjustable.
    Following the adjustment, then set bond. For the state to return to work.
    6) the teeth perpendicular to the film was going to the rear of the tooth, as close to the teeth.
    The first shot I needed ray filming location. Do 3:00 into line. That ray tube-teeth-teeth -
    7) Adjusted good position and then try not to let dental films and the ball moving back and forth.
    8) According to operate habits and convenient option to host the start button
    Remote control or the start button
    The ball head or the start button
    9) Seconds Reading down to see the end, the sound heard after the categories. Filming ended.
    10) Tablets teeth removed, the needle used to draw the image Fixatives 3ML (Drugs), injected into sealed bags dental films.
    Hands gently squeezed from 10 to 20 under. About two minutes, tears can wash bag with a dental unit.
    Note that in the colder climate, dental films and liquid to be heated to above 23 degrees before use.
    11) If a conditional. The small black box within the developing and fixing. This washing out the definition films will be increased.
    12) can also be carried out in a black one-time image fixing. Add the slight wear Solution.
    13) with dry gas dryer dental films. Or natural drying. Put lights on the concept of watching films, used for the diagnosis and treatment of reference.
    Photo C form functional products and installation operations on
    Note D
    1) location shooting accuracy
    2) Use Please turn off the power
    3) If the remote control or ineffective start distance. Replace the batteries. (See figure)
    4) after a boot minutes later started shooting
    5) When shooting films teeth to the correct location to prohibit sloshing.
    6) the ball in the first shooting ban sloshing
    7) randomly assigned to use with the dental films and liquid. Or to manufacturers and informal channels to buy certified dental films and liquid Otherwise, the results will affect the shooting.
    8) placed first ball when requested with light-light, not to artificially injury precious possession of the ball.
    9) Ball-and mainframe links, not pulling force, in order to avoid off-line throw. Causing malfunctions.
    10) not allowed to link with taffeta ball to first filed. The consequences of such manufacturers is not responsible for maintenance.
    11) If it is found that the machine can boot shooting phenomenon and will not solve the problem. Timely contact manufacturers or distributors, not to open the box.
    12) teeth tablets and liquid Please brochures properly preserved, in the proper use of the durability period.
    13) not allowed to own part of the demolition ball. Because the internal one-off potting. Procedures and sophisticated circuit and the high voltage generated part. On opening them, it is impossible to restore. We believe that this act of imitation or steal the company's technology, also will lose eligibility warranty.
    14) Follow other technical parameters of use.
    15) before using carefully read brochures.
    Technical parameters E
    1) 220V power supply voltage of plus or minus 10% of Pathology
    2) rated 60W
    Mainframe exterior size 280 * 200 * 80MM
    Ball-2009140 * Spiral (excluding Canada longituba)
    Weight 2.2kg mainframe
    Ball pounds
    Temperature 5-40 degrees
    Relative Humidity <80%
    Exposure time 0.2-0.5S
    Set-up time of 0.1-9.9S
    The X-ray machine protection
    From the map, we can see the use of the X-ray machine, according to state regulations, and using ------ (implementation of the national standard) testing data, there is no need of protection. But the harm to the human body with considerable playing only 15 minutes of cell phone radiation. (Distance ball 60 centimeters distance) detection data through-do notary notarized. The attached copy of a rabbit.
    Detection dental films can be easily proved ray units. In accordance with the plans could put teeth were exposed experimental films. After the normal cleaning method. Black proved ray volumes. White teeth transparent films proved not be ray radiation.
    Frequency - distance and the radiation doses far exceeded the scope.
    So I chose a small dose of high-frequency X-ray machine, the use of the necessary circumstances, the doctor and the patient is the best choice.
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