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Item£º Light Curing Unit PZ400-4

Model Number£º PZ400-4
    1. Light intensity >1000mW/cm, 5 watt LED
    2. BEEP at each 5-seconds to indicate remaining curing time
    3. Various Curing Time: seven preset curing time 5/10/15/20/25/30/40 seconds.
    4. Three Preset Programs
    a. Fast mode: Full power all the time
    b. Soft 1 mode: Generally increasing power in first 5 seconds, then full power till the end.
    c. Soft 2 mode: Generally increasing power in first 5 seconds, then half power till the end.
    5. Equippend with radiating fan to enure the durable performance
    6. Inner Build-in light meter within the base
    7. Cord/cordless inchargeable
    When ruuning out of the battery, the unit can be operated directly witht the switching power adapter.
    8. High Output:
    Full supply of power can satisfy 10-second curing time for 200 times.
    9. Fully guaranteed for one year
    Standard accessory include:
    handpiece 1 pc, charging base 1pc
    adapter 1 pc (European or American type)
    cover tip 3 pcs, light guide 1pc
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